The Grind

Back at the grind! Some gigs a lot of people show up, some only friends and family …sometimes almost nobody comes and you still end up with $30 in the tip jar for some miraculous reason. One of the best platoon sergeants I have ever had the privilege to serve with in the military was a hardcore runner….like…”I’m gonna go run 40 miles just for fun” kind of guy. Me on the other hand can’t stand running and find no joy in it. I do it only to stay in shape. My platoon sergeant and I would run together sometimes and he was always gracious enough to run at my pace, which he probably could have walked. Anyway, I always told him he should run ahead because he’s not getting anything out of running at my speed and he would always tell me the same thing….and I think applies to many aspects of life. “Stoke….there’s no such thing as a bad mile”. At the time it didn’t quite seem so profound but at the time…I couldn’t breathe and wanted to stop running. I believe there is no such thing as a bad gig…even if it’s not ideal...even if you straight up butcher the bridge to a song you can normally play well…even if you don’t hit all the notes you are supposed to. It’s still not a bad gig….it’s the grind. Just like the soldier spending extra time at the range to shoot better…or the ball player waking up early to practice his skill…or the parent working full time taking night classes trying to better themselves and their future….it’s the grind…it’s universal….and I love it.

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