Things I love.

I love acoustic singer/songwriter music....I love pop rock music.....I love hard rock music....and I love Love LOVE metal....I love my wife and family...I love my cat Charlie....I love coffee....I love guitar...even this country with all of it's problems...I still have love for it. But more then all of that....I love the Gospels. I can't wrap my head around the absolute ridiculousness and craziness that is the love of Jesus. What madness! A guy...who was completely innocent...would take a physical, mental, and spiritual beating on my much that it would cost him his life...and a brutal end none the less....and that he would do it willingly out of love. Even fully knowing that I would betray him on multiple occasions purely out of selfishness. I just can't...I just....I don't get it. Trying to wrap my little human mind around something so completely sovereign is like a tiny one celled organism trying to understand how a satellite gets from earth to orbit and then how it transmits radio signals all over the earth for whatever purpose....I don't even know how that works! I don't even know what I just typed. Just....I am grateful for the entirety of the Bible...but the Gospels....and what God did with Paul in the book of Acts....there is truly hope for the worst of men...the people like me...the wayward kind.

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