Where I Belong

I have listened to the song "Where I Belong" by Switchfoot hundreds of times...but for some reason it was like I heard it for the first time on my drive to work yesterday...or I heard it in a new light. I don't know. I cried though....not tears of sadness of course but just good ole happy Jesus tears. The last song that did this to me was "East to West" by Wolves at the Gate. East to West is a straight up hard rock metal song.....and one of the most spirit filled metal songs I have ever heard. I love acoustic music but I also love rock...and hard rock. Sometimes you just have to scream it. East to West is about the price Jesus paid for us to spend eternity with him, and how it was totally worth it. Where I Belong is about how we weren't meant for this life but our life in the next. Man it was a good drive to work. I love the way music can move people. I love that Jesus is no respecter of musical genre....despite what some people may think. Sure, Sunday morning might not be the time to blast some of that heavy riffage but it absolutely has a place in the body of Christ. I love it...I just love rock music. That's all.

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